Rafaello Rossi

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For over 10 years now, RAFFAELLO ROSSI embodies high quality materials and perfect fit. To this day a high share of our textiles are sourced from European – in particular Italian – manufacturers. We understand the processing of materials and fabrics as modern manufacturing, continuously innovating and developing more advanced production methods.

The “perfect fit” is a promise of every RAFFAELLO ROSSI product and part of its success. Behind this promise stand the owners, Brigitte and Ralf Schellenberger. Together, they exclusively select appropriate outer materials and then carefully match them with the corresponding properties for each model, ensuring the so called “fit guarantee.”

As such, RAFFAELLO ROSSI stands for a unique selling proposition, a clearly defined target audience, sense of fashion degree, and high-quality. The excellent range of properties to be completed by the SOS program further allow to have trends and fast-selling models of the season, produced in a timely manner and always available for immediate delivery “just in time”.

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